This three and a half minute video shows all phases of construction of a ten week kitchen remodel in Wash Park, Denver. Work also included the renovation of the connected laundry room behind all glass surface sliding doors
One and a half minute time lapse video of a covered elevated patio in Bow Mar, Colorado. This video focuses on the timber framing work only which spanned 4 days. The timbers were made of Port Orford Cedar to stand up to the Colorado climate.
This project in Hilltop, Denver, is a complete renovation of a 1950’s era kitchen including structural work. The design directive was to maintain a sense for the mid-mod aesthetic of the home while modernizing and updating to state of the art european cabinetry and appliances.
This time lapse of an elevated Tudor style deck shows the power of prefabrication in accelerating production schedules. All of the timbers were fabricated and painted off site. The railing as well. This limited the on site work to just seven days.