“Comprehensive construction services”

  • 30 years hands-on construction experience
  • 1 million general liability insurance
  • Careful protection of surrounding finishes
  • Thorough daily and final construction cleaning
  • Expert site supervision
  • Talented professional trade partners
  • Efficient, skillful, beautiful results

Photo log of a repair we did on a 1000 square foot plaza that had been leaking into the entertainment room below.  This project in Whittier, California, spanned seven weeks.  Work included complete removal of the existing tile, precast balustrade, failed membrane and plywood subfloor.  A custom engineered waterproofing and bonded tile system was installed that ensured no moisture would enter the luxury finishes in the living space below.

Sloped mortar bed to new Schluter drains – complete.

Primer applied for “Jiffy Seal” flashing tape.

“Jiffy-Seal” peal and stick flashing is applied at all drains, head walls, and elevation changes.

“Protecto-Wrap”, “Jiffy Deck” peal and stick water proofing membrane is applied.

Water proofing membrane is curbed and prepped for water testing.

Water testing.

Large format tile installed over Schluter Ditra crack isolation membrane.  This was quite a challenge given the multi-dimensional slopes to the various deck drains.

Tile installation complete, begin precast balustrade installation.

Detail view of precast component installation.

Detail view of balustrade and tile.

Project complete, water tight, beautiful.  Clients are ready to enjoy the California sunset.

Photo log of a barn we designed and built for a client in Buffalo Creek, Colorado.  The second level of this super energy efficient Barn serves as office, bunkhouse, bathroom, and separate hay storage.  Trap door chutes allow for easy hay distribution into the horse corrals below.  The lower level also houses a workshop, tractor storage, tack room, and automobile garage.

Building excavation

Footing inspection by engineer

Foundation footing placement

Foundation wall placement

Foundation complete.  Note door to fire safe enclosure

Septic leach field

First floor lumber pack has arrived.

First floor walls complete.  Installation of steel beams underway.

Second floor framing in process.

Second floor framing complete.

Custom cupolas are here!  That’s Joe the owner – he approves.

Drywall for the office and bunkhouse.

Plywood finished walls for the hay storage.

Custom trim carpentry for the bunks and office built-ins.

The finished and furnished bunks.

The finished office area.

The finished barn.

This is a video log of a kitchen we did for a client in Wash Park.  The project spanned 8 weeks and included a laundry, modern steel and maple stair rail, and new floors and paint throughout the house.